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Are you able to Locate a Traditional Yet Modern Fence Builder?

fence repair Austin

I wonder when it is very easy to locate a traditional yet modern fence builder? That could sound ironic, however i find myself with something of an paradox. My parents recently passed and i also inherited their land in the mountains where I really hope to create.

To be honest, their land was at a residential district with very strict requirements with regards to look, decor, and feel. Every property there is designed to keep a wood cabin aesthetic with a very conservative look. I can't mind that, when i can build a cabin there which includes the present day amenities I want indoors. I'm able to even fit solar panels in with their requirements.

But, I'm a little picky concerning the fence. I'd like the standard log fence look they expect, however i in addition want the lumber to never be lumber. I'd like synthetic lumber which don't need retouched or repainted for many years.

It sounds just a little crazy, but I have seen some fence builders carry out some very creative things with the materials they'll use. I'm not sure the HOA where my parents lived would approve, however, if they can't differentiate, maybe I will get away with it.

Post by fencerepairtx1q (2016-07-26 13:10)

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